Art from Life: Museum of Modern Art Features Popular DNA

MoMA Store Adds DNA 11 to Select Group of World’s Most Innovative Design Products

MoMA StoreNew York, NY –- May 8, 2007 –- DNA 11 is excited to announce that the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) store has hand-picked them to join their select list of designers; their DNA 11 portraits will now be available for resale in three New York design stores, in Japan, on their Web site, and in their print catalog.

The MoMA is dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art in the world. Central to their mission is the encouragement of a deep understanding and enjoyment of modern and contemporary art by the diverse local, national, and international audiences that it serves.

To achieve this end, every year, the MoMA selects new and innovative designers to join a network of leading designers to keep art and design choices fresh and exciting.

"We are so pleased and honored to be associated with world-class designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Karim Rashid, Phillip Stark, Mario Bellini, and many more,” Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of DNA 11 said. “The MoMA store also recognizes that we are the original innovators of this concept, prompting their decision to carry our products.”

DNA 11 creates personalized portraits from a sample of DNA or fingerprints. Each piece is as unique as the person purchasing the piece of art; they are modern masterpieces that combine science and pop art.

So, how does it work? Customers pick up take-home kits in the store, or receive it in the mail through their catalog or online order. Everything needed to complete the cheek-cell collection process is included; the whole process is non-invasive and painless and takes less than 30 seconds. The sample is then sent to a highly secure, certified laboratory, where the DNA is extracted, the design is created, and shipped back within six to eight weeks.

An exclusive feature to the MoMA, are sleek Beechwood frames that subtly highlight these modern portraits; they are available in eight colors and one size — 18” x 24”.

DNA 11 kits and samples are available at all store locations; trained sales people will assist in the process.

Currently, DNA 11 art is found in many of the world’s trendiest restaurants and lounges, in the homes of celebrities, art collectors, and corporate CEOs, and others who recognize the uniqueness of these works of art. DNA 11’s art work has appeared on CSI New York, New York Times Magazine, HGTV, Today Show and MSNBC.

"For those who desire a one-of-a-kind representation of who they are,” Nazim Ahmed, co-founder of DNA 11 explains, “this art form transcends national boundaries with clients in over 30 countries. Our new association with the MoMA will only aid in furthering our mission and global reach.”

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