South Beach gallery showcases DNA 11’s cutting edge DNA artwork Effusion Gallery exclusively brings Life to Art

South Beach, Florida, March 16, 2006 - Effusion Gallery, located at 1130 Ocean Drive, South Beach, FL, announced today that it will exclusively display and sell DNA 11 artwork, the widely acclaimed DNA portraits that combine molecular-level science with fine-art to create one-of-a-kind DNA portraits. DNA 11’s art has been featured in publications such as DWELL, WIRED, Metropolis, Playboy, and Cargo.

Located between the newly renovated Victor Hotel and the former Versace Mansion, Effusion Gallery has a reputation amongst their celebrity clientele to showcase exclusively cutting edge, chic, and contemporary artwork. This is their follow-up to their American debut in New York City, where DNA 11 showcased their work at the Lincoln Center and at the launch of WIRED Magazine’s first ever Store in SOHO.

“We’re really proud to have our art for sale in such a special and unique art gallery. The minute I stepped foot into The Effusion Gallery I knew it would be a perfect fit. Effusion and DNA 11 share many of the same philosophies when it comes to creating a unique experience for our customers, and I couldn’t have imagined a better venue for DNA 11 to exhibit our work,” said Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of DNA 11.

Effusion Gallery will have a permanent exhibit of DNA 11’s artwork for viewing and clientele interaction, as genetic collection kits will be available for sale on-site. A trained staff will be available to assist clients through the entire process.

“DNA 11 produces high-end art that can never be replicated. They take your life code and create a one-of-a-kind art piece, where the uniqueness is yours alone. When asked "who is the artist?" the answer is simple: you are. The art work is as unique as our clientele - no two will ever be the same. We are thrilled to have DNA 11 work exclusively at our Gallery”, says owner of Effusion Gallery, Oliver Nikolich.

About DNA 11:
DNA 11 creates unique, high-end abstract art from DNA. Using a non-intrusive collection method, the company utilizes the most aesthetically pleasing method available to capture the genetic fingerprint and transform it into an artistic representation of a person’s life code. Each piece is printed as a Giclee fine art piece, using the highest quality canvas and pigmented inks. These unique pieces are the ultimate conversation piece for any home or office. DNA 11 contributes a portion of all profits to non-profit organizations involved in genetic research. For more information, please visit the website at

About Effusion Gallery:
Located in the heart of South Beach, Florida, is known for its uncommon and unique art. The gallery is frequented by celebrity clients such as Shaquille O’Neil, Tim Allen, Paul Shaffer (Late Show with David Letterman) and Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana). For more information, please visit the website at

Adrian Salamunovic will be in South Florida from March 16th – March 28th and is available for one-on-one media interviews at the Gallery. Please contact for further information.

Media Contact:
Adrian Salamunovic of DNA11 Toll-free: 866.619.9574 x 111 New York (international): 646.417.5362 Europe/UK: 44 (0) 20 7084 6362