DNA 11, Creators of DNA Art, Expand Business in the UK to Provide Better Service

-- The new printing studio and distribution centre provide European customers with faster delivery and lower prices --

LONDON, England –- February 2, 2009 –- DNA 11, the innovators and creators of custom DNA portraits made from the customers' DNA, today announced the opening of their new printing studio and distribution centre in the UK to better serve European customers with faster delivery and lower prices. By having a printing studio and distribution centre in the UK, DNA 11 is able to sell the custom portraits with no duties and no shipping costs. At this time, DNA 11 UK is also absorbing the VAT.

"The UK is our second biggest market worldwide and therefore expanding our business there is a natural extension," says Adrian Salamunovic, Co-founder of DNA11. "Although we've been selling DNA Art in the UK since we launched in 2005 we are excited to announce a new dedicated UK facility to produce and distribute art across Europe, which will better serve the growing demand from our European customers with faster delivery times and lower prices."

DNA 11 continues to expand globally, recently launching an international website allowing over 50 countries to easily order online. As the original creators of DNA Art, DNA 11 launched in 2005 with a push from James May, host of the popular programme Top Gear. He helped bring DNA 11's custom portraits into hundreds of UK homes. Since then, DNA 11 has extended its lines of one-of-a-kind art pieces to include the Fingerprint and KISS portrait and most recently the DNA Mini Portrait. The DNA Print has been featured on CSI New York and are sold in the Museum of Modern Art store in New York City.

About DNA 11

DNA 11 is the original creator of *DNA Art* - the world's most personal form of art. They create contemporary custom portraits from your DNA, fingerprints and lip print. Each modern art piece is as unique as the person purchasing the piece of art; they are masterpieces that combine design, technology, science and pop culture. The one-of-a-kind art pieces can be found in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) stores, has been featured in an episode of CSI New York and can be found in thousands of homes around the globe. Most recently, DNA 11 has introduced DNA Pet Portraits and launched an enhanced website targeting over 50 countries worldwide.

To purchase or for more information, visit DNA 11's blog at www.dnaart.com or the main website at www.dna11.co.uk.

Media Contact:
Adrian Salamunovic, Co-Founder of DNA 11
Phone: 020.7084.6362
Email: adrian@dna11.com