Company Uses DNA to Create Groundbreaking Abstract Art DNA 11's Inaugural Exhibit Includes Work Inspired by ABSOLUT VODKA

Ottawa, July 22, 2005 - Curious art lovers gathered in downtown Ottawa today at an unconventional exhibit featuring one-of-a-kind art pieces made with DNA. The exhibit served as the official launch of the company behind the pieces of art, DNA 11. The Ottawa-based company creates unique portraits by photographing human and non-human DNA with a special camera and then visually enhancing the photographs with color and filter effects, resulting in an abstract art piece. The exhibit was the result of a creative collaboration between DNA 11, ABSOLUT VODKA and Helsinki Bar & Lounge -- the host venue.

The focal piece of today's exhibit was inspired by ABSOLUT VODKA. The inspiration for the unique piece of art came from flavours in the ABSOLUT VODKA family - including ABSOLUT RASPBERRI, ABSOLUT MANDRIN, ABSOLUT VANILIA, ABSOLUT CITRON AND ABSOLUT APEACH. The DNA from these fruits were donated to DNA 11 from some of the top research institutes in the world and processed in their labs, creating a unique fingerprint for each fruit. The resulting piece is a 4 foot by 15 foot light box illuminating a pop-art style scene of the DNA.

"Ever since we collaborated with Andy Warhol for his interpretive painting of the ABSOLUT VODKA bottle in 1985, ABSOLUT has been fascinated with empowering creative people to do their own interpretations of the brand," said David Bitran, National Marketing Manager, Maxxium Canada. "DNA 11's piece is one of the more unique works of art created in partnership with ABSOLUT VODKA, and we hope this exhibit causes people to contemplate and discuss art in a way that they may not have considered before."

"The decision to partner with Helsinki Bar & Lounge was driven by our commitment to create opportunities for people to experience art in bars and restaurants and is the result of a long standing relationship with the Ottawa hot-spot," concluded Bitran.

"This is the first time DNA has been extracted for an art piece, and we are really excited to have the opportunity to showcase our DNA art in this piece for ABSOLUT VODKA," said Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder DNA 11. "ABSOLUT has always supported the arts community, and to have their support as we launch our company has been tremendous."

"Our artwork allows individuals to see an artistic representation of their own DNA," added Nazim Ahmed, co-founder DNA 11. "While each piece is as unique as every individual in the world, they also aim to display our link as humans, who are all created by the same building blocks of life - DNA. The piece we have created for ABSOLUT VODKA goes one step further, and displays our genetic commonalties with all other living species."

V&S Absolut Spirits, a business area within V&S Group, is the brand owner of ABSOLUT VODKA, ABSOLUT PEPPAR, ABSOLUT CITRON, ABSOLUT KURANT, ABSOLUT MANDRIN, ABSOLUT VANILIA, ABSOLUT RASPBERRI, ABSOLUT APEACH, ABSOLUT CUT and Level Vodka. ABSOLUT VODKA is the third largest international spirit in the world and is available in 126 markets. ABSOLUT VODKA and Level Vodka are made at the distilleries near Åhus, Sweden. The head office is in Stockholm.,,

About DNA 11:
DNA 11 creates unique, high-end abstract art from DNA. Using a non-intrusive collection method, the company utilizes the most artistically-valid method available to capture the genetic fingerprint and transform it into an artistic representation of a person's life code. Each piece is printed as a Giclee fine art piece, using the highest quality canvas and pigmented inks. These unique pieces are the ultimate conversation piece for any home or office. DNA 11 contributes a portion of all profits to non-profit organizations involved in genetic research. For more information, please visit the website at


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