Privacy. Your right. Our obligation.

At DNA 11 we've built a secure collection, processing and tracking system to keep your private information private. Since 2005 we have been trusted by thousands of customers all around the world. Ensuring the privacy and security of our customers is critical to us.

  1. An anonymous six-digit serial number/barcode (not your real name) is used to track your DNA sample, fingerprint or lip print.
  2. We own and operate a secure lab facility operated by full-time professional staff. None of our our lab or design work is farmed out to third parties, ensuring security and authenticity.
  3. All physical DNA and fingerprint samples are destroyed after processing by our lab.
  4. While the resulting DNA images provide a unique DNA signature, the image cannot be deciphered or reverse engineered. The image does not (and cannot) hold any forensic-level information.

Your samples, images and information will never be shared with any third companies ever. That is our privacy guarantee.

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Each portrait is produced in our own private, secure lab, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

  • Privacy Guaranteed.